Global Studies and Governance Department organized a workshop titled 'Data Collection & Analysis in Social Research' on 11th August 2022 to raise students' in data collection and analysis in social research skills. Mr. Mehrab Ali, Founder & Executive Director, ARCED Foundation, Solutions of Things Lab (SoTLab), Co-founder & Chairman, CaST Network Ltd, was facilitated the workshop.  The interactive workshop was conducted in person. The workshop highlighted and touched upon numerous academic literacies such as data collection, social research, data analysis with coding and so on.  The workshop began with a welcome speech by Professor Dr Imtiaz A Hussain, Global Studies, and Governance (GSG) Department and other faculties of GSG’s had a session in the workshop. As part of the academic commitment, the Department of Global Studies and Governance (GSG) is organizing a series of Academic Literacy Workshops for IUB students from 2021 onwards.