GSG 498: Internship (3 credit hours)

GSG students require to fulfill the internship requirement to complete graduation.

I.  Specific Internship Obligations:

(1)   Each student is required during the semester to spend at least five hours per week for the duration of the term at an approved agency in order to receive three (3) credits as an enrollee in GSG 498. In other words, those three credits must reflect minimum of 70 hours at the assigned agency for each student.

*Clerical duties, such as typing, filing, and photocopying will not be acceptable as intern assignments.

(2)   Maintain a daily log of internship activities. Highlighting each day’s work with date and time is sufficient. This log must be signed by your workplace/ internship supervisor and submitted to your GSG Supervisor along with your internship term paper at the end of the semester. 

(3)   Workplace/Internship Supervisor’s evaluation is a requirement. The workplace supervisor needs to be introduced by your academic supervisor (from the department). The evaluation form will be provided to your workplace Supervisor and must be returned in a sealed envelope or through email to your GSG Supervisor at the end of your internship program. 

(4)   Submission of a final paper is required. The paper is due at the end of the term in which the student is enrolled. The exact date of submission should be agreed upon in consultation with the GSG Supervisor in compliance with the semester calendar prior to beginning the internship.