GSG Minor (Total 15 Credits)

A GSG “Minor” aligns almost perfectly with existing IUB “Majors,” or “Schools.” Two “automatic” alignments illustrate: the School of Business’s “International Business” segment not only fits into, but also profits from a GSG “minor”: Corporate behavior and strategies taught under “International Business” also need knowledge of the cultural, political, social, or environmental nuances within target countries, especially as these arenas address “governance” issues, something a typical GSG curriculum offers. Both the breadth and depth of this Business School alignment speak equally for the departments of Environment Management and Environment Science: a GSG “Minor” adds governance-based skills to the technical information learned about environment protection and for climate-change strategies. A GSG “Minor” increasingly carries a “Special relationship” with the School of Engineering, Computer science, Pharmacy and Pubic Health.

Curriculum Structure*

• The required course, GSG 102 (3x1 =3 credits)

• Any 2 Courses from the 200 level GSG course list (3x2=6 Credits)

• 1 course from the 300 level GSG course List (3x1=3 credits)

• 1 course from the 400 level GSG course list (3x1=3 credits)

*Students are eligible to choose courses from Core, Specialized Track or Elective Courses maintaining above criteria