Global Studies & Governance (GSG) organized the annual flagship event “Global Talk” first episode on 15th June 2023. It was an honor to have the graceful presence of Ambassador Mashfee Binte Shams, Rector of the Foreign Service Academy, Bangladesh, who enlightened us with her insightful talk on "Understanding the foreign policy of Bangladesh from a practitioner's perspective. The episode was truly engaging and interactive with audience, faculties and GSG’s students. Ambassador Mashfee also motivated our students to embark on a career in foreign service as diplomats. Her words of encouragement will undoubtedly inspire many to pursue this noble path. We were also honored to have Ambassador Shah Ahmed Shafi, Director General of the Foreign Service Academy Bangladesh, who graced the occasion with his presence and shared his thought-provoking ideas with our students. The session was chaired by the esteemed founder of the GSG department, Professor Dr. Imtiaz A Hussain, whose vision has made this initiative possible. The session was skillfully moderated by the Head of the Department, Dr. Marufa Akter, who ensured a smooth and fruitful discussion.

We express our deepest gratitude to Ambassador Mashfee Binte Shams, Ambassador Shah Ahmed Shafi, Professor Dr. Imtiaz A Hussain, and Dr. Marufa Akter for making this episode of GSG-Global Talk an outstanding success.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of GSG-Global Talk, where we bring you captivating discussions with eminent personalities, shedding light on diverse global topics!